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About Moses Gomes, LinkedIn Coach

Moses Gomes, a digital marketing veteran since the Orkut and MySpace eras, has left an indelible mark on the industry. His prowess in creating award-winning campaigns spans various sectors, with a particular emphasis on LinkedIn. Moses has excelled in building brand presence, leadership profiles, and generating high-value leads. His work includes crafting influencer brands for top leaders and assisting in industry transitions. Passionate about sharing tips on growing LinkedIn personal brands, Moses has coached individuals in career transitions, job seekers, and freshmen seeking internship opportunities. His expertise extends to working with startup founders, helping them find leads using LinkedIn to sell their services. These skills culminated in the creation of a comprehensive course for those interested in establishing their personal brand on LinkedIn.

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This is highly personalized coaching for learners that involves a total of 8 hours.

Mastering LinkedIn Personal Brand

Online course to learn about LinkedIn profile and content creation. Learn the tips and hacks to elevate your profile and personal brand.

LinkedIn Content Strategy 

Those who have been on LinkedIn but have not figured out our content strategy

Passion for coaching

Moses is driven by a passion for coaching and transforming LinkedIn presence. LinkedIn, being a platform with verified and credible information about the target audience, stands out from others focused on product promotion. Moses believes in LinkedIn's unique capacity to showcase personal brand impact, providing better recognition for individuals.

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