Creating Engaging Content on LinkedIn Made Simple

Moses Gomes

Hey, I'm Moses, your LinkedIn coach. I help individuals, startups, and job seekers navigate their LinkedIn journey. Together, let's develop effective strategies for lead generation and career advancement.

Struggling to figure out what content to post on LinkedIn? You're not alone. Many people find it confusing trying to determine what topics, stories, and perspectives will truly resonate with their target audience. But creating compelling LinkedIn content doesn’t have to be painful. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Brainstorm 10 topics you can talk extensively about—subjects you know in depth that get you animated in any conversation. If stuck, think back to past job interviews and the in-depth questions you fielded.
  2. Write down all 10 of those passion topic ideas.
  3. Draft posts covering each one; however, the stories and insights organically flow from your mind. Don't self-edit yet.
  4. Boil down the key takeaway from each post into a 7-word sentence. This becomes your introduction hook.
  5. Turn that key takeaway line into a question for the headline—something that prompts the reader to want to hear more.
  6. Shape the full backstory, analysis, or lesson from your draft into the middle section of the post.
  7. Wrap up with an ending question to spark more discussion and reactions.
  8. Add some relevant hashtags discovered by searching your main topic keywords in LinkedIn’s search bar.
  9. Insert an eye-catching image of you or something related to the content.
  10. Hit post and watch the reactions come in!

Following this natural thinking flow ensures your authentic passion and perspectives shine through. The resulting content stands out while also providing true value to your community.

If you still struggle with ideation, let’s talk! Book a coaching call so we can determine the best stories and advice to showcase the real you.

Originally published December 20, 2023