The basic essence of press release states that it has to be disseminated to media PRESS and is not meant for consumption by common people which might miss led them. The structure of press release, its content and style has been designed and evolved over the period of years based on how press or journalists would respond to news release.

But often in India scenario where Public relations agencies end up managing social media profiles for the clients, they give in to the pressure of clients and post the press release on social media profiles. Also as most public relation agencies are immature when it comes to social media management. They forget that press release is announcement and social media is about engagement. According to PR, sharing these releases on social media profile pages would increase traction on search engine.

But this results in otherwise, where followers start criticizing about press release in online forums. Even if the press release is for B2C client, posting on social media doesn’t work in favor of promotions as social media is for conversation.

Press releases are supposed to be uploaded on company website and should be distributed through agencies like PRnewswire, businesswire, etc. These websites help to reach out to journalists, online news aggregators like yahoo, Rediff, bloggers, etc. These press release distribution agencies help in promotion of press release by indexing on search engine. But if you really think the press release has to be shared on social media, then it has to be heavily edited to suit social media engagement.

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