Summary: One of the most untouched subjects is Doctor Marketing, this is due to the stringent regulations laid by Medical Counsel Of India (MCI). It is difficult for doctors to market or advertise about themselves, and this leads to rely on and only on WOMM (Word – Of – Mouth – Marketing) but efficient customer service is also another type of marketing, which they often fail to understand.

This is what we most often consider as word-of-mouth publicity. After completing specializing most often doctors associate themselves to various different hospitals as consultants and start their own clinic. Doctors believe this is the only route they can reach out to MAXIMUM patients and market themselves. Well I am afraid as this is just one type of strategy!

There are many other ways of marketing and promoting their own brand and services, here I have tried listing a few which could help:

  • Peer-to-peer marketing: It is very important for a doctor to inform the GPs and hospitals about services offered. This is from where most recommendations will happen. A doctor’s recommendation is worth more than patients references.
  • Patients follow-up: Most of the doctors hardly follow-up with their patients well being or enquiring about follow-up visits. Also the charges of follow-up visits should be revised, like doctor charging Rs. 200 on first visit should charge Rs. 20 for follow-up visit and these patients should have different appointment schedule. The doctor can also send a get well card to the patient.
  • Delivery of medicines: The doctor should tie-up with nearest medical store for delivery of medicines. This will ensure that medicines reach the patients and a service the patients will cherish. This will also benefit the pharma store.
  • Suggesting medicines:Lot of patients hate taking medicines, the doctor can discuss with the patients and recommend only those medicines which are required. This will also ensure that patients will take the dosage.

There are many ways which can help the medical practitioners to market themselves, but most important is they should be compassionate and humble towards their patients.


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