Newton’s Second Law of Motion: Force = mass X acceleration, Acceleration = Force / Mass

For a big brand to change its strategy requires huge amount of engagement, this is the reason most establish brands launch new brand category, instead of promoting established brand in new category. This strategy has been followed by many corporates like P & G which has different brands for different categories. So bigger the brand, more difficult is to re-position it.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: It’s impossible, by definition, to measure exactly the state, the position and the momentum of a particle, because the act of measuring it, by definition, changes it. This same happens in marketing and research, the act of observing a customer actions, changes their behavior. Try to measure what consumers do, rather than what they say they will do. With consumers consuming more digital data, this tracking has become much easier. Also most brands no longer need to depend on surveys, but focus on big data analytics through point – of – sale tracking devices.

An axiom of physics, says you cannot prove a hypothesis through only observation. This means, you can gather more and more data around a hypothesis or a positioning, and it will strengthen it, but cannot prove it, and only one contrary data point can blow the theory. Brands can invest huge amount of money to build a brand but a single negative impact can blow it. British petroleum had invested to promote environmentally conscious image, and one leak in pipe caused devastating impact to the brand message.

The second law of thermodynamics says that energy of all kinds in our material world disperses or spreads out if it is not hindered from doing so. Entropy is the quantitative measure of that kind of spontaneous process: how much energy has flowed from being localized to becoming more widely spread out (at a specific temperature). With increasing digital disruption, consumers are Co-creating brand communication based on their feelings and perception. As digital has offered free tools to disrupt the message and social media offers publishing rights to friends.

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  1. Barley Puplampu

    I don’t think this hypothesis applies to every segmented target, hence it’s application should be approached cautiously.

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