There is thin line between success and failure; brands have to be ready to face negative posts from fans for the pranks. Also it is essential that the campaign should be simple for fans to engage. The best April fool ever was announcement by Google launch of Nose application, so users can smell search results. It ended up users actually touching their nose to computer screens to smell the results.

April fool helps to emphasize that brand don’t take themselves very seriously every time.  It’s a fun element to be with, for fans to engage with on this occasion.

Virgin – as it matches their tag line had glass bottom underneath their plane. This enabled travelers to experience earth from bird’s eye view, though it was not a prank, but more passengers though it was. Also one of the most remarkable campaigns was by Jockey shoes, made from recycled underwear.

When playing pranks on April fool day it’s essential to be right with timing. 92.4% statistics stress on importance of engagement during the first 60 minutes of tweet.

How can brands ensure they, plan April Fool pranks effectively.

  • Conduct market research before planning any campaign on joke
  • Ensure the prank weaves into company perception
  • Target certain set of goals
  • Incorporate call to action in campaign
  • The funny aspect should be easily identifiable for fans and should be able to connect to it.
  • Get second opinion about your campaign & play devil’s advocate.



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