Summary: Newsjacking is a phenomenon to amplify news story by continuously feeding information and generating huge amount of coverage in media and social media. This concept was introduced by David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist. In this article in the way of questions and answers the author has tried to highlight the phenomenon in Indian context.

  • In what situations/sectors will newsjacking not work in the Indian environment?

Ans: Newsjacking has been an old concept, re – packed with new terminology “NEWSJACKING”. In India sectors like celebrity management, politics, Page3 parties, etc have been using it. There are very few corporate who have used this technique.

  • Why has the concept not really taken off in India?

Ans: It is believed that this concept originated in India with Amul Girl mascot, but I personally don’t agree it, rather I think politics and bollywood have been using it for a long time. There are couple of reasons this concept not taken off really well in India, here I have listed some of them

  • Fear: Fear about negative publicity, has refrained corporate sector from embracing this concept
  • Awareness: In India most companies from corporate sector are not well aware of PR or Corporate Communications, both these departments are still managed by marketing department. Once the awareness level increased, corporate sector will definitely go for the concept.
  • Education: Except four to five institutes in India, no other institute offers specialization in PR. Most of the MBA courses focus on advertising and might give an overview of PR, no in dept studies on PR as a subject.
  • Describe your favorite newsjacking case study-in India and abroad and why you felt it worked?

Ans: Internationally lot of B2C companies in corporate sector use “NEWSJACKING” and can get those on
Search engines, but in India I can only recollect Aircel case study, which was close to what we call “Newsjacking. Being a corporate company in telecom sector, the marketing, advertising and PR department did this activity during the launch of Aircel operations in Mumbai, but they themselves didn’t know “Newsjacking” yet it was managed efficiently. Another case study was of Shilpa Shetty Big Brother racial attack story, which made headlines and this happened because of she gave Dale Bhagwagar to become spokesperson on her behalf.

Have attached the ppt with this email for your reference.

  • Is the Indian PR professional and client ready to act independently and quickly for newsjacking to be effective and why?

Ans: India is yet not ready, as the PR professionals are bound by email or written approval on any idea or concept, which usually takes time and by that time the story in dead. Though, politicians and celebrities are effectively using it to garner coverage in media, social media and word – of – mouth. It will take time of formally embrace this concept by the PR professionals to generate maximum coverage for client; below are some of the reasons according to me.

  • Understanding about client’s business and competition
  • Winning complete trust of the client
  • Understanding different media channels and their style of reporting


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