Space Experts Discuss the Search for Life in the Universe at NASA

Here’s How NASA Is Expanding Its Search For Alien Life – Eric Mack

So, you ask any fifth grade child about NASA, and they will promptly answer, US space exploration agency, in search for aliens (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). For last five decades (since 1958) NASA has been receiving huge investment from US govt for exploration of alien planet, but haven’t found one. Most surprising aspect is that all the stakeholders believe they will discover one day, imagine any other business telling investors this for last 50 years and without any results, the company would have been shut-down, but not with NASA. Though they have been communicating about space exploration in search for aliens, the messaging has been evolving to suit for different generations.

NASA’s brand positioning is with keywords SPACE AND ALIENS EXPLORATION. Even after not achieving any groundbreaking results in identifying aliens, people still believe it will one day find, this is the reason they also tag to SPACE EXPLORATION positioning which cannot be quantified.

Being associated with public relations industry for more than a decade, have seen brands rising up and also losing the battle of brand positioning. For a brand to stay relevant to each generation, it is essential that brand and communication strategy keeps evolving. Further it’s just not about communication strategy, but consistency followed through all the different mediums, which helps stakeholders to connect.

Cannes Lions & Public Relation associations often award best PR strategies, but NASA was never awarded for PR strategy. Brand is not what it is, but what it is perceived by its stakeholders and it has to be evolving / changing to stay relevant.

To conclude the entire conversation, Brands have to evangelize the positioning, keep on evolving to stay relevant and be consistent.

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