Is the new age of INSURANCE about creating CLONES?


Summary: With the poise I Insurance sector, this sector will open new avenues for increasing the life span of people and save from life threatening diseases. New researches show Insurance sector is evolving towards cloning.


Well, insurance sector is posed to be the largest sector with growth predicted to be more than any other sector. With healthy living, gennext have started dreaming of long life from a life span of 70 years to 700 years. This has given rise to an entire new breed of scientists who have begun research to convert those dreams into reality. Below are some of the probabilities based on the research done online on Google.


  1. The whole research is based on one probability that storing body in liquid nitrogen after the age of 50 years and then recovering the same body after 300 years, expecting that technology will be developed by then to retrieve the body stored in liquid nitrogen and restore it, weird isn’t it?


  1. Designing synthetic DNA which has the genes to increase the lifespan and fight all the existing diseases in the world. This innovation led to a lot of new theories and innovations in cell development.


  1. Stem cell research led to the discovery of the use of umbilical cord, which is a store house of stem cells, this can be used in saving the person from life threatening diseases. This concept has been proved and companies like Lifecell, Reliance Life Sciences, etc have built warehouses especially to store umbilical cord stem cells.


  1. Some scientists started research on creating clones, cloning of a human being to create a look – a – like (Clone means look-a-like with the same qualities, thinking skills but without birth deformity). These clones will have the same DNA structure, organs, hair and everything, but without deformities, since the DNA has been re – designed. Also the clone of human is created and kept in controlled surrounding, without contamination from outside environment; the clones’ body parts (organs) can be used by the clone owner when required.


The last probability received lot of hype and funding from corporate world in the form of CSR initiative, though the corporate world showcased this initiative towards human development, but they had inner greed to live longer. The research initially began on rats, dogs, monkeys, etc to create the perfect CLONE or should we say new age of INSURANCE…?


But, should we challenge the laws of nature? The world is already populated with people, with pollution and with everything to destroy mother earth. This new research on cloning will kill existence of living beings. Imagine each living human having a clone staying somewhere out there in a lab far from city and if these clones having the same human commonsense begin thinking of getting out from lab and going out in the open world. The population will suddenly double up and might lead to the death of planet EARTH.


Today this might sound really weird and unbelievable but this situation will hold true in the coming century, INSURANCE will all be about CLONING and increasing life-span. Below some links to website offering information on cloning


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