• Retweeting – The mentality would be if you retweet that post, there’s a high chance that you are interested in the topic. Followers of the influencer will tend to follow you simply because they trust you have the same thoughts as them.What do you get when these people follows you? You know they are looking for a mutual relationship and you can nurture one.
  • Retweeting while giving valuable feedback – Don’t just hit the retweet button. Instead, take some time to read the post and understand it. Always remember that your retweets will represent what you think and thoughts are. This seems to be more personalized and you are putting your personal feeling into the whole context. Not only your readers would appreciate, the influencer himself will feel the same way too!
  • Follow target audience – Once we have defined our target audience initiate conversations with them and follow them. Also should looks at who follows your follower, since these set of tweetpeople have the right mind-sets, they will also re – follow you. It is also important to follow – back your followers if they have the right profile.
  • Using Twitter lists – Create lists which ranges from influencers in digital innovation, big data, lean digital techniques, data science, tech research, etc. With those lists, you can grow target audience based on your own requirements. Need to use these lists to identify tweets from influencers, should focus on 5 to 10 retweets per month. Suggestion to create lists:

  1. Journalists and bloggers
  2. Influencers
  3. Customer/ Clients
  4. Competitors (Private list)
  5. Should also have list based on our keywords of interest.


  • Asking questions – Asking questions with relevant hashtags helps to initiate conversation with influencers, this helps to involve more tweetpeople in this conversation and hence more followers.


  • Live tweeting – Become a social media commentator through live tweeting during the event. This helps to interact with influencers and like-minded tweet people. Using relevant hashtags for the event helps to gain followers as people who don’t attend will love to hear what is happening.


  • Participate in Tweetathon / Tweetchats – This is a debate / discussion on Twitter often conducted by a group of like-minded people. Most often this is happens for an hour with 5 questions, people participating in this have to debate using specific hashtags listed for this debate. Should looks at specific tweetathons related to our keywords and interests.


  • Stay On-Topic and On-Trend – Twitter users want to view content they’re interested in, not the stuff you think is interesting. Do some research to find which topics related to your field are also popular on Twitter.


  • Storify – Storify is a social network service that lets the user create stories or timelines using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can use it to pull together information on whatever you want, and can customise it how you want, then share your story on the site with your friends on those social media sites. We can create stories using specific hashtags and tweet about it, also should tag the Twitter handles in the tweet.


  • Curate Content – Tweetpeople and your twitter followers are on lookout for curated content based on hashtag. They prefer just skimming through the tweets to understand news, instead of reading long form content.  
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