Summary: Healthcare PR and image management has evolved from just Patient Relations (PR) to Public Relations which help in communication with the stakeholders. Since health is the primary objective of all humans beings, it has to be managed by experts

Once upon a time, the number of doctors available to treat patients was very less, but with the growth in economy this number is on rise. Along with the number of doctors, the number of patients has also increased and the new age of information technology has leaded to increase in novel diseases. With the increase in internet penetration and smart phones, the patients are well informed about different ailments. This new age patient community knows to research and question the prescription given by doctors.

Patient community, are now prone to Google the ailment they are suffering, the best doctor available, advisable treatments, side effects and medicines. Since the patients are prepared with this information, doctors have to answer the patient queries or discuss the best possible treatment.

Media has also played crucial role in with health segment shows and wellness supplements in media. Media has been highlighting health based stories, new technologies in hospitals, successful case studies, yoga, wellness columns by eminent doctors, Q & A based columns, etc. These articles often quote by expert team of eminent doctors who have been recognized for their contribution in the society.

This phenomenon gave a boost to Healthcare Public Relation Consultants. Healthcare PR professionals come with background knowledge about healthcare sector and plan communication strategy for pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals, treatments, diseases, etc. These consultants work on communication and image management using different tools like:

  • Provide information on wellness
  • Crisis management of medicines
  • Information on new diseases and treatments
  • Creating awareness on existing incorrect policies
  • Website designing
  • Doctor’s brochure compiling
  • Promotion of CMEs


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