Though most sectors have begun to work with customers for co-creation of products by users, Jewellery sector is way behind. As this sector is controlled by traditional jewellers who resist offering co-creation to users as this will increase their work and decrease profits.

Most working class women tend to wear minimal Jewellery, but they love to experiment with Jewellery, clothes, accessories, etc. Through they can experiment with the latter two, but impossible with Jewellery and none of the jewellers offer ornaments with can be experimented for making new designs. As the working class forms majority of decision makers, they often end up buying imitation Jewellery which they can experiment and co – created, as risks involved are less.

Even corporates like Tanishq or ecommerce portals like Jewel Souk, haven’t marketed thus strategy to increase sales. Though Tanishq had launched its range of MIA Jewellery using the concept of co – creation with users, but this was more focused as one time activity, rather selling products which can be opened and re – joined, like LEGO bricks.  

Future of sales depends on co-creation as perfectly elaborated by C. K. Prahalad - Co-creation is the future of marketing and The Wiki how. Time has arrived when traditional jewellers should explore co – creation of products along with customers as engagement will drive sales.

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