Year 2014 saw most B2B organizations shifting towards digital marketing strategies, majorly to focus on inbound marketing lead generation and engagement with stakeholders. Year 2015 will see most B2B organizations assigning budgets for digitals marketing campaigns. The campaigns would be aligned with the vision of the company whether lead generation, corporate branding, engagement and leveraging customer support.

  1. Dynamic Websites: Technologies like Demand base for IP targeting, will help website visitors to view customized website. The website pages and display of products will change based on from which IP address the visitor will visit the website. This will use special IP targeting technology, which will identify the IP address of the company. This will help to customize the website user inter-phase and fill enquiry parameters which can be automatically identified through this technology. So less hassles for the website visitor.
  2. Re-marketing: Year 2014 saw most eCommerce portals venturing in re-marketing techniques. But in 2015 even B2B organization will venture in re-marketing, to influence customers for lead generation. Re-marketing would also be incorporated in offering free white papers, research reports, free solution analysis reports for customers, etc since B2B sales cycle is long process and during this tenure need to keep on influencing the customers.
  3. Authored Content for Engagement: B2B organizations would increasingly focus on hiring authors / thought leaders for high quality research oriented content for content marketing strategy which would include regular newsletters, new development in those sectors, insights into problems faced by industry, especially the older generation products / services, etc. Authored content would have importance as customers would prefer, since it has been developed by thought leaders, who are third party, sort of endorsement.
  4. Geo – Fencing Technology: Though the concept is old, but it has regained acceptance last year. This technology helps any organization to target customers who enter a pre – defined area, through push messages, once the customer accepts it; becomes easier to send those offers. This technology would prove beneficial during B2B Exhibitions, B2B organizations can target visitors using geo – fencing technology and invite them to their exhibition stall, this can be bundled with some free offers life WiFi or free pen drives, etc.
  5. Marketing Automation: Though most B2B organizations have implemented ERP with a view to manage different departments though single software. They neglected implementation of marketing automation and preferred working on it manually. 2015 will see most B2B organizations shifting to marketing automation software for CRM, email marketing, newsletters, lead capturing, social media updates, keyword analysis, etc. This will enable B2B organizations to focus all digital marketing activities though single window, thus helps in analytics and trend analysis.
  6. Mobile Marketing: Year 2015 will see B2B Organizations working towards mobile marketing campaigns this would include smart phone apps, podcasts of product videos, responsive websites, chat integration in websites, etc. Focus would be to build engagement and establish relationship not just when they require, but throughout the year, to build influence.
  7. Gamification: Pretty new concept in digital marketing especially for B2B organizations, but this but companies will slowly begin experimenting with this concept. B2B Buyers want to be treated like B2C buyers, expect the same level of engagement, which they experience with B2C products like Coke Cola,, Lakme, etc. B2B organizations will use gaming for training purpose for complex products.
  8. Video Marketing: Venturing in social media marketing, B2B organizations will increase focus on video content generation. Focused videos on product demos and product servicing will be uploaded on corporate websites. Videos made with the purpose of marketing would be streamed from servers, instead on YouTube, since it is most blocked website in corporate organizations. These video streaming servers can directly stream video in an email or push message, without consuming enough bandwidth, as they are not based on cookie.
  9. Ecommerce: B2B companies will begin venturing in eCommerce, as most eCommerce portals like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, etc are already pitching for tie – ups with B2B manufacturers. B2B service industry will venture in eCommerce with different geographical regions, since it’s not important where they are located anymore, but internet connectivity. With tools of social media, it would be easier for B2B organizations to venture and target new set of customers apart from existing ones.
  10. Increase focus on Social Media, than SEO: B2B organization have long been worshipper of search engine optimization techniques for lead generation. But in 2015 this will change, as Google will begin focusing on Humming Bird Semantic Search engine. With the new age semantic search engine website ranking will be based on social shares, instead of backlinks. Semantic search engine also focuses on ranking based on social media friend list and past search preferences.
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